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2015-05-08 Microsoft Azure mobile services Node.js - Insert record into another table with-in an insert/update call None
2015-02-25 Simple Javascript to stop the double tap action of zooming on Mobile None
2015-02-09 Installing free SSL cert on Azure website None
2015-01-12 Azure Mobile Services Async in .NET Web Forms applications None
2014-12-27 Simple Login Page Background Image using CSS None
2014-12-16 ADB over wifi 5
2014-12-08 Google Glass Hello World GDK app in Eclipse None
2014-12-08 Save Money! Schedule backups on free SQL Server Express None
2014-12-08 Code Google Glass using C# in Xamarin Studio None
2014-12-08 Poor Man's Single Sign-On between two systems None
2014-12-08 9 Simple Steps to debug Android Chrome from desktop Chrome Dev Tools 2
2014-12-08 Checklist to secure Jquery / Ajax / JSON to WEBAPI Web Service or similar endpoints None
2014-12-08 Issue connecting to Amazon AWS MS SQL server instance remotely None
2014-12-08 Amazon Web Services - EC2 - Upgrade RAM on a windows instance None
2014-12-08 Symetrical Triple DES encryption in Java and decryption in VB.NET None
2014-12-08 C# Web API Forms Authentication using JQuery Ajax calls from HTML5 app 5
2014-12-08 CSS rounded image corners None
2014-12-08 C# eventhandler passing variables from Usercontrol to parent page None
2014-12-08 jQuery dynamically set html select dropdownlist item None
2014-12-08 Enable Access-Control-Allow-Origin in IIS6 & IIS7 for webapi calls 5
2014-12-08 Resolve VS 2010 script debugging and IE 10 None
2014-12-08 .NET - Calling Web API functions directly None
2014-12-08 Update Wordpress base URLs in MySQL None
2014-12-08 Using Google Docs Forms to validate email addreses, capture them and redirect to your site None
2014-12-08 dynamic ascx user control button event handler not firing - fix None
2014-12-08 Creating a JQuery CSS imageless button and calling it from .NET code behind None
2014-12-08 How to use ASP.NET AjaxControlToolkit None
2014-12-08 Determine what part of your site is actually used None
2014-12-08 PHP / MySQL - Upload a file to access later None
2014-12-08 PHP - handling apostrophes None
2014-12-08 search engine optimization None
2014-12-08 Emailing from PHP None
2014-12-08 SQL findtext - create a stored proc to find text in other stored procs None
2014-12-08 Dynamically adding controls to a placeholder control in ASP.NET None
2014-12-08 Launch a new window in ASP.NET on a button click using Javascript None


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