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We have recently worked on projects that leverage HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery for a light responsive front end hitting .NET MVC WebAPI web service to access data on enterprise SQL server databases with record counts in the many millions. Learn more about our technology expertise.

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Building great technology is only part of what we want to contribute to the industry. When we come across intresting solutions we want to share what we've learned. Read about some of our recent solutions.

Case Study

Tracking Deliveries

We helped one of our clients setup their drivers with wifi hotspots and tablets running the Chrome browsers. With our application they are able to capture GPS location, signatures with HTML5 Canvas using touch and barcode scanned information. This was created as a custom HTML5 / JQuery application that utilized Chrome cached data when the driver was not online and as soon as the driver was back in cell coverage the data was immedietely sent to the secure .NET WebAPI web service we created storing the data on their enterprise SQL server database.

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uPayRent.com - Rent made easy

uPayRent.com is THE easiest way to manage your property. Our App helps you reduce costs through automation, consolidations of tasks and ease of use, this frees up your time for more important real estate matters. Our app is 100% cross platform compatible. It works just as well on your iPhone as it does on your Android, windows Phone or desktop PC. It can be found in the iPhone app store, Android Play Store and the Chrome web store. Learn More